The Goldbricks Abroad!

If you are a regular reader of The Goldbricks, you’ll probably have noticed that many of the blog posts heavily represent Bristol. This is because this it’s been our base for 2 and a half years and the South West has been our base for a lot more years than that.

However as of 16th March I (Ben!) headed to Australia to work and travel for roughly a year. As a result, for a few months, there will be some posts on Graffiti, Surfing, Street Art and more from Australia (and the surrounding area!). As well as the Australian related posts, many of the events I wish I could be at in Bristol will still hopefully be covered by Callum who is still a Bristol resident.

Armed with a Go Pro, Camera, and Laptop I’ll be putting up shots and edits of the things I see out here. Follow the Instagram and Twitter for regular updates. There will be a number of surf and art videos going up on First stop is Western Australia, but I’ll be back to Bristol eventually.

The Goldbricks Abroad, all videos and updates on the journey will be going up here (Bricks Abroad)

The Goldbricks Abroad

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