Aroe Graffiti Book ‘Results Not Excuses’

Aroe is a renowned UK graffiti writer and member of the MSK (Mad Society Kings) graffiti crew. He started writing in 1983 and at the end of 2015 Aroe released his first book called ‘Results not excuses’. The Aroe graffiti book documents the history and development of Aroes’ career as one of the most talented graffiti artists in Europe, if not the world. Although originating from Brighton, UK, Aroe has extensive experience in train writing across Europe and further afield.

‘Results Not Excuses’ book is a really good quality hardback, packed full of old photos of some of his first works on walls as well as his newer more experimental blockbuster pieces. The book includes a lot of interesting stories of travelling the world and painting in some dangerous and barren places. Such as an abandoned war bunker riddled with bullet holes which he painted alongside Ces on the Syrian/Isreli border whilst surrounded by 18 year old soldiers with weapons.

Aroe has obviously gained massive respect from many of the other long serving graffiti writers over the years, as the book is full of quotes and anecdotes from others. One of the best is by Alert from Heavy Artillery (HA) This guy has seen it all and done it all, he has graffiti tattooed across his knuckles… If that isn’t commitment then I don’t know what is!!

Overall it’s a great book for any graffiti/art/adventure book collector, well worth the money. It is roughly £30 and in limited supply so if you want it then act fast.

More info on his twitter @aroemsk or on his Viva La Vandal site here.

Here’s a good video outlining the work of Aroe…

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