Hangfire ASK Group Graffiti Exhibition

We love a good Hangfire gallery exhibtion, and the next one is set to be a cracker. Upcoming is the ASK group graffiti exhibition on this Friday (15th April). The ASK crew have been around as a collective since 2006 and are still very active around Bristol and further afield. They were started by Kato, Soker and Feek and there is a good outline of their history on the Hangfire site here.

Other artists involved are: Cheo, Chu, 3Dom, Deamz, Epok, Fois, Hemper, Inkie, Kopsy, Piro, Poer, Rudie, Sepr, Sled and Voyder.

Gutted I won’t be able to get down to this one but would have definitely had I been in the Northern hemisphere! Get down if you’re about Bristol way.

More info on the Hangfire website here.

Hangfire Ask Group Show Square

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