123 Klan Graffiti Illustration Book

123 Klan have released a graffiti influenced illustration book called ‘Respect and Love…”. 123 Klan are a pair of Canadian graffiti writers (Scien & Klor), graphic designers and owners of clothing label ‘Banditi$m’. Their work generally consists of crisp bold clean illustrations, logos and typography. Since first finding them I’ve found their work inspiring and their website endearingly arrogant and entertaining.

The 123 Klan Graffiti Illustration Book is 304 pages and titled “Respect and Love: By the worst Mother F**kers”. It documents the graphic design work they’ve carried out for a variety of clients like Nike, Adidas and Carhartt. As well as including photos of some of the walls they have painted with writers like Flying Fortress, Rime, Dabs & Myla and Cope2. More info and work on the 123 Klan site, click here.

Have a watch of Scien and Klor painting…

Here’s a few shots of the book, it’s a beast…

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