‘Damn Son Where Did You Find This?’ Hiphop Mixtape Cover Book

Got sent a link by a good mate to a new book he thought I’d like. It’s called ‘Damn Son Where Did You Find This?” and is based on the work of 5 artists who have spent the last few years producing artwork for US Hiphop Mixtape Covers. The artwork for mixtapes tends to be a load more controversial, uncensored, unregulated and extreme than full album artwork. The write up of the book states that doing mixtape artwork allows the designers to be “freed from major label guidelines, lawyer opinions and moral hindrances”.

I’m really tempted to buy it, but it’s super expensive at 61 euros (£44) once shipping and tax is included. It’s limited to 400 copies so need to decide soon, watch this space…

More info on the book at their website which is: http://www.damnsonwheredidyoufindthis.com/

Pictures nabbed from their website…

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