Flip the Script Handselecta Handstyle Book Review

‘Handselecta’ is division of Adnauseum Inc, a New York City based independent design studio. Flip the Script is a hardback embossed covered book produced by Handselecta’s founder Christian Acker.

If you’ve got an interest in letterform and letter structure this book is worth having a look at. It outlines the history of pen and marker handstyles in different US states and cities and how they’ve developed over the years. The tag is generally hated by most people outside graffiti culture but this book sums up the skill and effort that goes into them. The need to refine the skill of freeform lettering has reduced in recent years due to using computers and phones more and more. This book states that graffiti is “one of the last reservoirs of highly refined, well practiced penmanship”.

Flip the Script consists of interviews alongside full alphabets by some of the masters of this style of typography.

Full write up on this book available here on Amazon. More info on Handselecta here.

Here’s the preview video…


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