One Man And His Dog DFace Street Art Book

The One Man And His Dog Dface book is his first, released back in 2013, the title references the dog characters he puts in the streets. This book is really well put together and finished with a cleanly designed hardback embossed cover.

D*Face is the owner of Stolenspace Street Art & Graffiti Gallery in London and a major player in the Street Art Scene. I’ve seen his posters, paintings and stickers in the majority of the major cities I’ve travelled to as well as one unexpectedly popping up in a small Cotswold village close to where I grew up.

Within the book there are previously unseen photos from his archive, documenting the processes behind creating his work, action shots and anecdotes from the adventures he’s had around the world.

 Overall this book is good value for money and well entertaining, a mixture of pictures of artworks, action shots and stories about his travels.

Grab a copy on Amazon here.

More info on D*Face and his work here.

The following photos have been sourced from Shoreditch Street Art Tours site. They have done a more detailed review about the book on their site, have a look here.

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