Saber Mad Society Graffiti Book

Saber is a LA based graffiti writer who has been painting for a long time and a while back I bought a copy of the Saber Mad Society Graffiti Book. He’s part of ‘MSK – Mad Society Kings’ and I first heard about his work through Seventh Letter and his piece in the Los Angeles river in 1997. He’s got a unique style which has developed from work in the streets to more recently work in galleries. Get more info on Sabers’ site here.

Sabers’ hardback book ‘Mad Society’ was released back in 2010, it’s got embossed silver lettering on the front cover and has 240 glossy pages. It has a full account of how he painted, what was at the time the largest piece of graffiti ever produced. There are full accounts of being chased by police helicopters, slipping and being impaled on security fencing and how he managed to paint the massive piece in the LA river.

When I last checked Amazon UK was all out of copies, but give it a Google and there are lots of US sites still stocking it.

Here’s a thrash lab profile on him, worth a watch:

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