Upper Playground ’10 Years of Tshirt Graphics’ Book

I found out about the Upper Playground brand in the early 2000’s after seeing their stickers in online street art galleries. Their walrus trademark logo is one of those images which you can’t easily forget. I’ve bought a load of their t-shirts and books over the last few years. 

One of my recent eBay purchases was ’10 Years of Tshirt Graphics’ by Upper Playground, and it is a beast of a book. It’s a hardcover, was a bargain at seven quid and could quite easily double as a doorstop.

The book is packed full of t-shirt designs, by over …….. artists,  from their first 10 years of operation.  Most of the Upper Playground graphics are clean and crisp vectored pen work with roots in graffiti, skating and street art. Plenty of big name artists have worked with UP over the years, like Sam Flores, The London Police, David Choe, Jeremy Fish and Saber. It’s interspersed with history of the brand, from starting in a record shop in San Francisco to their more recent shop and projects. As well as quotes from the artists who have worked with them.

You might still be able to pick up the book here.

…and If you need new tees or prints get onto the Upper Playground website here.

(Some of the images nabbed from the Upper Playground site…)

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