‘Probation Vacation’ Graffiti Zine by Utah and Ether

Utah and Ether are a couple who have been travelling all over the place writing graffiti. Although more recently the law seems to have caught up with them. They’ve been releasing a load of short videos of their travels over the last few years, which are worth a watch if you are into graffiti.

I recently bought their ‘Probation Vacation’ zine which overall is a really good quality limited run package. Consisting of a magazine and hand drawn ‘Utah’ & ‘Ether’ stickers in a protective plastic case. Every one of the front covers is different with a handwritten title sticker. The six inch square zine is filled with photos of their exploits in Europe which shows an interesting and usually unseen side to their trips. The package is limited to 760 copies, but you can currently still get a copy on their shop (click here). For more info and other stuff to buy, keep an eye on their website (click here)

This is a short film of their trip to Seoul, Korea…

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