Arcadia Bristol 2015 Metamorphosis Show

This year there will be an Arcadia Bristol live music event in the centre of the city. Arcadia is fire blasting big metal spider with a DJ booth in the centre of it. It has gained a massive following from touring major festivals like Glastonbury and Boomtown for the last few years.  Performances by Arcadia usually have fire shows, cranes attached with acrobatic dancers suspended from them and at Glastonbury they had a giant robotic hand that crushed cars!

It’s been announced that the Arcadia crew are organizing Arcadia Bristol 2015 over this summer in Queens Square. No further details have been announced but it’s worth keeping an eye out for. I read about it on 247 magazine, check out the link here.

Here’s the video of Arcadia from Glasto last year, robotic hand, big bug truck, robot horse and all…

***UPDATE 11.05.15***

Tickets now on sale here…..

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