And Vinyly Street Art Exhibition

The team at Upfest are putting on a new show opening next week on Friday 23rd October, featuring 40 different artists who have each painted an oversized custom made vinyl record.

The And Vinyly Street Art Exhibition has good lineup of artists including the likes of: Acerone, Cheba, Copyright, Dale Grimshaw, Dekor, Diff, Fake, Gemma Compton, Jody, Lochness, Lokey, Masai, M-one, My Dog Sighs, Paul Monsters, Snub23, Soker, Spzero76, Turroe, T.wat, Zase and a fair few more.

The event is supported by Glastonbury Ales and DJ Cridge will be playing during the show.

More info is available through the Upfest facebook page here, and the upfest website.

Here’s the official facebook event page.

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