Banksy Dismaland Bemusement Park

Finally got hold of some tickets to the Banksy Dismaland bemusement park in Weston-super-mare (Cheers Jo!) in its last week before closing. We went down on Wednesday 23rd September, at 9:00pm which gave just enough time to see everything before the mega grumpy staff started hassling people to get out!

A few months back the first we heard about the park was the early rumours and reports (Like this one) about Banksy’s agent Holly Cushing being spotted by the park in Weston before it was officially announced. It was all very cleverly set up under the disguise of being a film set, complete with a fake actor and production compound of caravans etc.

Overall the park didn’t disappoint and the concept worked as a dismal run-down Disneyland style venue, with fake security as you enter, rough floors and depressed staff treating the guests rudely.

Although we get the idea of it, some of the concepts seem contradictory; maybe that’s the whole idea of it. I personally couldn’t get my head around some of the anti establishment and anti capitalism themes of the artwork within the park and then t-shirts being sold on the Dismaland website and in the shop as you leave for about £20. It will be interesting to see where the money from that goes!

Anyway it’s all closed down now, it was a great project and glad we got a chance to see it. Cheers again to Jo for sorting me out with the ticket! Here are the photos I took during the trip, some are a little blurry, (new camera on its way!)

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