Brunswick Square Graffiti

As of January 2016, there’s a load of new graffiti in Brunswick square near the Bear Pit in Bristol. The Brunswick Square Graffiti has been arranged by Where the wall, the same group who run Bristol walking tours and recently organised the 12 weeks exhibition of graffiti at the end of last year. More info on that one in our post about it here.

There is more than 80 meters of wall space that has been painted by a range of artists including Deamze, Paris, Inkie, False, Ulow, Hemper, Sepr, 3Dom, Rich T, Dibz and Kid Crayon.

More info about Where the Wall and the Brunswick Hoards can be found on their site here.

The exhibition will be running until September 2016. We went down to take a look, and get some photos, although the sun was in the wrong place! Here they are….

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