Check Your Bad Self Collective Round One Exhibition

Check Your Bad Self (CYBS) collective were founded in 2007 with roots in graffiti, illustration and skateboarding. The Check Your Bad Self Collective Round One Exhibition is on this Friday (29th January) with a massive lineup of local Bristol artists.

I went to the last CYBS collective show called ‘You Can’t Fall off the Floor’ in Oxford a few years back which was really good. The ‘Round One’ exhibition is being held at 123 space in Stokes Croft and the line-up includes work from the following:

Josh Rose Buster Wheelie Ryan Kai Epok  Sepr 3dom  45rpm  Rich T Kleiner Shames  Deamze  Georgina Anton  Kid30 Jive Mike Watt Ged Palmer Inkie Lucy Danielle Jack Tierney Aspire Tom Deason Bonzai Aimes Dan Paton  Peter H Subtle Jon 5 Man on Wires  KidCrayon

 More info available on the event Facebook page click here. Or check out the CYBS collective website.

CYBS Round One

***** UPDATE 01.02.2016 *****

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