List of Bristol Graffiti Galleries

Bristol is home to a huge number of talented graffiti artists, street artists and illustrators. Loads of areas, across the city of Bristol, Stokes Croft, Bedminster, Along the M32 and Gloucester Road regularly get repainted.

This talent has spawned a load of graffiti galleries and shops to open up. Here’s a list of Bristol graffiti galleries who put on regular exhibitions and events:

Hangfire Gallery – These guys are based on North Street in Bedminster and have a small clean gallery space on split levels. They’ve been behind some really interesting projects over the last few years. Like the hangar one project where Roids, SatOne and 45RPM painted a Boeing 737 and Learjet, and the Halloween Trick or Treat exhibitions. We’ve been down to a few of the Exhibitions at Hangfire, like the Midas ‘Ten Year Tourist’ (click here for our post on it) show and more recently ‘Write Now’ typography show (click here for our post on it).

They also sell some clothing, bags and materials like paint and markers. More info on them on the Hangfire site here.

Galleries Hangfire

Upfest Gallery (198 North St, Bristol BS3 1JF) – The Urban Paint festival (Upfest) was started back in 2008 originally as a way to get likeminded artists together for paint jams in Bedminster. It has grown ever since to become Europe’s Largest Street Art and Graffiti Festival.

They’ve got a shop and gallery space also along North Street in Bedminster and sell mostly street art prints and originals. We’ve been down to the My Dog Sighs show and more recently their show called ‘And Vinyly’ (our post on it here). Upfest is another good spot in Bedminster to buy paint, pens and clothing, more info on their site here.

Galleries Upfest

It’s All 2 Much Gallery (124 Cheltenham Road, Bristol BS6 5RW) – This is one of the newer galleries in Bristol, located along Cheltenham road it is right in the heart of one of the best areas for street art and graffiti in the city. It’s narrow gallery that stretches back a long way from the road which gives a large amount of wall space. They don’t just stick to selling the work of big name artists and have got a strong focus on promoting local Bristol artists. Check out the article we wrote on Chebas ‘Pale Blue Dot’ show held at It’s All 2 Much Gallery here. More info about the It’s All 2 Much Gallery on their site here.

Galleries 2 Much

Two’s Company Studios (61 Old Market Street, Bristol, UK) – Two’s company only launched this year as an exhibition space and creative studios for independent brands. Already they’ve held a couple of really good exhibitions, their launch was a joint show with Weapon of Choice (Click here for blog post) which was pretty busy, and this Saturday (31st October) they’re due to hold the fourth ‘Trick or Treat’ show in collaboration with Hangfire gallery (For the event post click here). More info on the Two’s Company site here.

Galleries Twos Company

Bench 504 (3 Haymarket Walk, Bristol BS1 3LN) We couldn’t do this list without including The Bench graffiti shop in Haymarket Walk right by the Bear Pit. The Bench 504 started in Birmingham and has been running since 2002, the Bristol shop opened at the end of 2014. They’ve held a load of events like paint jams organised alongside scribble and scratch, a show of painted box trucks, and zine launches. More recently they’ve flipped the layout round and transformed it so it feels more like a coffee shop.

They’ve got a massive range of paint in store as well as some clothing, pens and books. Also, they’ve got a big selection of stuff on their online shop. More details on the shops in Bristol and Brum on their website here.

Galleries Bench 504

Know any other galleries or shops worth a mention? Add them in the comments box below…

Photo Credits: Bristol 247, The Bench Site & Two’s Company Studios Site.

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