Martha Cooper Lifework Exhibition

One of the first books to be written and compiled about the graffiti subculture of New York back in 1984 was ‘Subway Art’ by Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant. Subway Art is an iconic book which helped spread the knowledge of this emerging art culture to other countries. This month Stolenspace, an East London gallery owned by street artist D*Face, is hosting the Martha Cooper Lifework Exhibition.

Martha Cooper has been photographing and documenting graffiti culture since the late 70’s. She still travels the world capturing shots of the artwork and artists who are still active in the culture.

The exhibition runs from 5th February 2016 until 28th February 2016 and features shots from Subway Art as well as newer work which documents pieces by well known graffiti and street artists from around the world. For more information about the Martha Cooper Lifework Exhibition check out the Stolenspace site, click here.

Here are a few shots from the show, it’s well worth getting down to the gallery to see the prints in the flesh:

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