Meeting of Styles 2015 Photos

Meeting of Styles is an international graffiti event which takes place in loads of major cities worldwide. It’s been held in London for a number of years run by End of the Line, and this year (during our short summer!) we went down again to have a wander around and it was better than ever.

Meeting of Styles 2015 was held in the same place as last year on a piece of derelict land next to Allen gardens just off Brick Lane. Over the last year the site has been transformed into the Nomadic community gardens. They’d set up a few street food vendors, merchandise stand and bar with a DJ playing all day.

Loads of the surrounding walls were being painted by a lot of the familiar UK names as well as some from further afield. You can get more info about Meeting of Styles on their site here.

Here are some of the Meeting of Styles 2015 photos we got on the day…


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