Midas 10 Year Tourist Exhibition in Bristol

The end of 2014 was a pretty busy time in Bristol for decent gallery shows, and the Midas 10 Year Tourist show was one of them. Around October time I was getting some paint from the Upfest shop in Bristol and got out the car to see Midas painting down the road opposite. He seemed pretty busy around Bristol at this time with a few other pieces I spotted in the weeks after.

Hangfire Gallery in Bedminster hosted his show with the opening night on 7th November. The gallery is really clean and bright with two levels and counter at the back. For “10 Year Tourist” they had projected footage from his train writing exploits across Europe onto screen over the front windows. Most of the show consisted of action shots taken in the train yards and other lifestyle shots.

I grabbed a few bits from the show, an A2 print and show zine pack with glossy photos.

A few of the bits are still available from Not Guilty here.

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