Nuart Festival! – Stavanger, Norway

In November 2014 I went travelling up the west coast of Norway, we used boats, buses and trains, stopping off at all the major coastal towns on the way. The first stop on this trip was Stavanger which is a traditional quaint looking fishing town (I think they are into Sardines over there) which has relatively recently become wealthy from the North Sea oil industry. Stavanger is also home to Nuart street art festival, it’s not your typical place to find massive amounts of street art, but somehow it works.

Since 2001 Nuart have held their annual festival of urban and street arts, and since 2005 the festival has focused exclusively on street art. The artists who are invited to paint at the festival are internationally known, and it has attracted some big names over the years like Herakut, David Choe, Dot Dot Dot, Swoon and Nick Walker.

Although we weren’t there for the festival itself, Nuart have made an App for iPhones which shows the artist, description and pictures of all the pieces of art created throughout the city plotted onto a map. Using GPS we managed to track down a load of them, and in the process saw loads of parts of the town we’d  probably have never usually seen.

More info on the Nuart website here.

Here are a few of our photos….

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