Twos Company Studios Joint Show

Twos Company Studios are a creative studio and event space in Bristol at 61 Old Market St. Next week they’ve got a joint show in collaboration with Weapon of Choice gallery run by Cheba. The Two’s Company Studios Joint Show with Weapon of Choice will have new works from a long list of artists.

The some of the artists involved are: 45 RPM, Andy Council, Cheba, Fanakapan, Florence Blanchard, Gent 48, Inkie, Jody, Kid Acne, Lokey, Mr Penfold, Rowdy, Sepr, Soker, Spzero76, Tom Blackford, and Voyder.

It opens on Friday 10th July 18:00 – 23:00 and runs until Sat 8th August 2015. More info on the Two’s Company Facebook Page. Get down there!

It’s sponsored by Pistonhead lager too so there might be some free beers!

Twos Company x Weapon of Choice Gallery Show

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