Boiler Room Bristol

Boiler room has been going since 2010, over this time they’ve put on a massive number of club nights with underground producers and artists in various cities across the world. This Friday there’s a Boiler Room Bristol. Most of the sets are videoed and live streamed online for anyone to watch. The events seem pretty exclusive as invites are limited. There is a pre-registration to be selected to be on the guest list.

Most of the UK Boiler room nights have been in London, but tomorrow night their first event of the year is taking place in Bristol. On the line-up is October, Ossia, Borai & Endian. Venue has not been announced yet and there is very little more on their site at the moment. If this sounds like your thing, keep an eye on their site and request an invite, click here.

There are a load of really good videos of boiler room mixes on YouTube with a load of hipsters doing dubious dancing in the background. Here’s a quality Boiler Room mix by Kaytranada:

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