European Outdoor Film Tour 2015

The European Outdoor Film Tour 2015 (EOFT) is an event showcasing the best in the recent outdoor sports short films. It is similar to the Surf Ocean Film Festival I posted about a while ago, have a look at that post here! EOFT shows films on all types of exploration, sports and adventure cinema, this year with a lineup covering mountainbiking, downhill skateboarding, climbing and hiking. In total they play 120minutes worth of short films with a 30 minute halftime break to let you go and grab a pint!

The EOFT tour returns to Bristol on the 1st and 11th of November 2015 and is held in St Georges Church halfway up Park Street in the centre of Bristol. I’ve been to the event for the last two years and have left being amazed by footage and the stories of all the people in the films. I’m sure this year’s event won’t disappoint so if you are in the area get down there.

Tickets are £13.50 (Well worth the money!) and are already on sale on their website here:

Here is the 2015 European Outdoor Film Tour Trailer:

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