Murder She Didn’t Write Comedy Improv Show

We all love a good ‘who dunnit?’… right? Whether it’s a good book, a low budget murder mystery on ITV2, or a good old-fashioned game of Cluedo.

Now, imagine those, but not only does the respective audiences not know who indeed dun it, neither does the author, actors or envelope (in Cluedo’s case). This was the basic premise of the improvised comedy show ‘Murder she didn’t write’ I had the pleasure of seeing last week at The Wardrobe Theatre in Bristol.

Without a sell out crowd in position, the show, performed by the local theatre troop ‘Degrees of Error’, kicked off. I don’t want to go into too much detail about what it entailed, as it wouldn’t really make sense and could ruin the experience if you went yourself. I will say though that our mystery, suggested entirely by the audience and decided by one a selected audience member (a genuine one, not part of the show), involved death by a chicken filled with cream cheese at a squat party.

It was well paced, well produced and genuinely funny throughout. It perhaps lacked the zip and control of a Mischief Theatre improv show (although given the comparative sizes of the companies, that may be an unfair comparison). It is definitely well worth the £6 entry fee though. We laughed a lot, and what was quite a ridiculous premise, turned into a pretty interesting murder mystery.

There are still a few shows coming up in Bristol, Bath and Brighton, which you can find more out about here.

Murder mystery improv

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