Renegades of Rhythm – DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist @ Motion, Bristol

Well excited to get tickets to the Renegades of Rhythm DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist tour at Motion, Bristol. I’ve been a big fan of Shadow through hearing the album ‘Entroducing’ and since learning of Cut Chemist through the group Jurassic 5.

DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist will be at Motion in Bristol on Thursday 5th February on their ‘Renegades of Rhythm Tour’.

The pair will be using tunes handpicked from Afrika Bambaataa’s collection of over 40,000 vinyl’s which are currently in an archive at Cornell University. Apparently selecting the right records from the collection was made easier by picking the ones with the most battered sleeves. All the records played will be ones from the collection owned by Afrika Bambaataa himself.

The Renegades of Rhythm tour sets will be performed using six turntables and real-time effects. The visuals are supplied by video producer Ben Stokes of Holofonic (

It should be a quality night, and according to Afrika Bambaataa “DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist are going to blow your funky mind.”

You can read the full write up on the Motion website here

And until then, enjoy this…


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