Sneakerbox 4 Bristol Sneaker Event

The Sneakerbox 4 event is for collectors and sellers of rare and unique footwear (trainers, sneakers or whatever you want to call them!). They have held a few of these events in Bristol over the last year or so and Sneakerbox 4 returns to Bristol on Saturday 12th September.

As usual there will be a wide selection of rare and unique trainers for sale. All brands usually represented like Nike, Asics, New Balance, Saucony and Addidas etc.

It has previously been down at The Big Chill bar but has now moved to Start the Bus (who do good food too!) in the centre of Bristol.

Get down there if you’re about. More info available on the Sneakerbox facebook page here. Or follow the Sneakerbox twitter at @sneakerboxevent.

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