Surfers Against Sewage Bristol Music Fundraising Event

A shipping container full of 27 tonnes of vanish stain remover was spilt into the ocean off the coast of Cornwall at the start of 2015. It rested at the bottom on the sea bed most of the year until some of the more extreme storms at the start of the winter broke open the container and released around 18,000 pink vanish bottles and their contents into the sea. These have been gradually being washed up onto the shores of beaches along the south Cornish and Devon coastlines. More details on the Surfers against Sewage website, click here.

The last remaining killer whale family in UK waters now made up of only 8 orcas are set to die off due to inability to reproduce. This inability to reproduce is thought to be as a result of high concentrations of PCB in the seas which get more concentrated towards the top of the food chain. PCB is a chemical which was used in electrical items and although it was banned around 20 years ago it is still causing problems in the oceans ecosystems. More details in this Guardian article, click here.

These are only a couple of issues I’m aware of which are affecting our oceans and coastlines and as someone who regularly enjoys going to beaches in South Wales, Devon and Cornwall I think it’s only right to support the maintenance and care of these environments.

On Friday 4th March, a friend of mine has organised a fundraiser for Surfers against Sewage at the Boardroom from 9pm – 2am. All proceeds to Surfers against Sewage. The music is melodic acoustic from the Same Souls band and a mix of House, UK Bass and Garage from DJ’s Dephex and Gribzy.

Worthy cause and good music, get down if you’re around.


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