The Toasters Street Art Film

The Toasters are an anonymous trio of street artists (comprised of Toaster A, B & C) originally based in Wolverhampton. They are known for plastering the UK and further afield with their Toaster symbol as well as painting large murals with bright clean toasters.¬†Recently¬†they released a full length film called “Everywhere”, check out the trailer below.

More recently they have been painting their toaster symbol split apart to form more abstract pieces. They’ve been getting stuff about the place for a bloody long time, since 1999, but the first time I saw them paint was at the Cans Festival in London in 2008. Have a walk around any major city in the uk and even abroad and the chances are you’ll find a toasters sticker, pasteup or painting by the Toasters.

They painted at Streetfest 2011, and have started getting involved in their own version of Free Art Friday which they call Toaster Tuesdays. Every ‘Toaster’ Tuesday they upload a photo of where they have left a hand sprayed Toaster piece in a random city around the UK for anyone who finds it to keep. If you like free stuff follow their Instagram @Thetoasters or their twitter @Thetoasters.

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