The Wave Project – Surfing in Bristol!

The Wave Bristol is a project currently in development, based just outside Bristol, which I’ve followed closely for a couple of years. It is an inland surfing facility which is a large lake with pneumatic wave generating technology (which I’m not sure I fully understand!) which forms a rideable wave of varying heights over and over again. Understandably there was a really long pre-development time needed for the project. In the last week ‘The Wave’ team have sent out an update email explaining that they’ve signed an agreement with Wave Loch and are changing their Wave making tech  This has pushed the project back meaning that work will start this year and their aim is to open fully in 2016.

Nick Hounsfield is the founder of the project, an avid surfer, environmentalist and brains behind the project. He has put a big emphasis on reducing impact of the project on the environment and in addition aims to use the project as an educational facility. I went to the public planning consultation last year to look at all the plans for the project and the whole team seemed really enthusiastic.

You can get more info on the wave website (click here). Or have a chat with Nick on Twitter here…. This is a computer generated image of the facility using Wavepool tech which is being developed in Rotterdam!…

RiF010 Rotterdam Wave Pool

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