‘Drones in Forbidden Zones’ Series

A while ago I did a blog post on Urbex, and I have just come across a new series of short documentaries created by Channel 4 ‘Drones in Forbidden Zones’ which are worth a watch. The concept behind these¬†shorts is summed up in their title, it’s using a remote controlled drone to get footage of old derelict buildings. The drones seem super stable and they fly them through different rooms of these buildings. I’m not sure how long they are up on the site for so have a watch while you can.

If you like this kind of stuff, there are a few books full of photography from abandoned places on the books tab above. The best one I’ve found is ‘Beauty in Decay: Urban Exploration By Romany WG’ and for anyone planning a trip ‘Access All Areas: A Users Guide to the Art of Urban Exploration’.

Watch the series on the channel 4 site, click here.


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