North of the Sun Film about Norway Surfing

Two years ago I won tickets via Mpora to the European Outdoor Film Tour event in Bristol. At the tour I saw a short version of North of the Sun Film about Norway Surfing.  It documents the trip of two surfers who set up home for 9 months on a remote and isolated beach on the coast of Norway. The aim of the trip was to surf the winter waves that roll onto the Northern Norwegian beach from the Atlantic. 

They build a small cabin, nestled behind a boulder, out of driftwood and other items washed up on the beach. They ate food which they manage to get for free from a store because it was date expired and due to be thrown away anyway. It’s a great film that makes me want to go and live on a beach in the middle of nowhere!

You can get more info on the film and buy a copy through the North of the Sun website, click here.

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