Wilderness Lectures Bristol

Last week I went to the first of the 2016 Wilderness Lectures Bristol presented by Niall McCann entitled ‘Nature Red in Tooth and Claw’. Niall McCann is an Adventurer, Explorer, Biologist, Conservationist and overall a very interesting  bloke with relentless enthusiasm. Capturing 16ft anacondas, having a stand-off with an angry elephant, being charged at by a tiger and having a bot fly maggot burying around in his hand were just a few of the anecdotes Niall described at the talk. If you need any more evidence that this guy is a nutter, here is a video of him and a few others catching a MASSIVE anaconda:

He’s travelled to some seriously remote places to study animals under threat of extinction. Through the research and documentation of the decline and plight of particular species he’s managed to help protect and preserve areas of habitat and their wild inhabitants. By working with the countries governments Niall has managed to get gold mining claims on vital habitats revoked, as well as getting military patrols set up to protect areas of national parks from poachers and drugs cartels. I was engaged for the whole of the evening seeing videos and pictures from his travels and hearing the stories to go with them.

There are a number of other lectures by various other adventurers, climbers, sailors and cavers which are programmed in the next few months. These talks are really inspiring and very engaging, I will definitely be heading to a few more of them. Check out the full list of upcoming events on the wilderness lectures website here.

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